ARSKAN's solutions for the compression, the visualization and the exploitation of massive 3D data on the web

Compress, visualize and operate

your 3D objects

  • On the web
  • In mobility
  • Without constraint
  • Digital twins

Compress, visualize and store your 3D objects

with the professional platform ARSKAN SiloData

Security, rights management, visualization and edition of your objects, smart sharing by hypertext link.
Discover SiloData's numerous features!
The SiloData platform integrates our Codec technology and our viewer MoveInside. With its functionalities, you can generate an interactive, collaborative and real-time digital twin.

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Upload up to 4 3D models for free in 2 silos. (200MB maximum per file)

Collaborate with 3D

Share your digital assets with all your chosen stakeholders. Collaborate and enrich your 3D models with points of interest, information, multimedia content.

Exchange remotely with your collaborators on a synchronized view of your objects.
Invite your collaborators to visualize, edit and upload new 3D assets.
Work together on common silos.

Visualization and the exploitation of massive 3D data on tablette and smartphone
Share 3D data from scans with ARSKAN SiloData

A professional and private platform

Easily manage rights access to your 3D objects, defining precise roles for your silo users.


Instantly share your 3D objects with a simple hypertext link.
Control the validity of the sharing links of your objects.

Compression of 3D meshes from scans