Arskan's solutions for the compression, the visualization and the exploitation of massive 3D data on the web

Visualize, manipulate and share your 3D files in mobility

thanks to the 3D viewer ARSKAN MoveInside

Visualize, manipulate and share easily your 3D objects on the web, from a computer, a tablet or a smartphone.
With our technology, you can visualize your 3D objects from any device, regardless of the initial weight of your data. We compress them without any loss of detail and deliver them optimally.

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Exploit your 3D files easily


Works everywhere, worldwide.

Without plugin

Visualization on the web and without plugin.


ARSKAN makes data lightweight, mobile and supported anywhere, from any device.

Low bandwidth usage

Your 3D model is accessible everywhere, even with a weak connection.

Collaborative and interactive 3D digital twin created in Arskan MoveInside 3D viewer

Interactive pointers

A pointer helps add information to a 3D model. It’s materialized on your object as annotations. This information window can contain text, PDF, external links, photos, video, etc.

Cutting tool

This tool creates a cutting plane that hides all the geometry behind it in a window. You can define up to six crosscuts.

Slice plan on 3D mesh in Arskan MoveInside 3D viewer