Meeting arround ARSKAN SiloData, solution of compression, visualization and exploitation of massive 3D data on the web



Jean-Gabriel Grive, founder and CEO de ARSKAN

Jean Gabriel Grive, founder and CEO

«I started from a simple observation: 3D is omnipresent today. However, there is still no simple way to visualize or use a 3D file on the web. I created this Young Innovative Company to democratize the 3D in a growing market, boosted by a strong demand for high definition and high quality 3D imaging contents.»

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We provide a high technological response to major issues caused by the level of 3D requirements, the massive data, the undersized network infrastructures and the growing demand for mobility among professionals and individuals.

Of course, creating ARSKAN wasn't easy. It represents years of research, patents and the reunion of an experts team, who developed the technology. It was after having dematerialized a parking for our first customer, in the context of the CAJuN project, that we decided to try to make 3D more accessible, easier and more affordable, offering a new way of working.

ARSKAN makes your life easier.

ARSKAN team working on ARSKAN Codec, solution of compression of massive 3D meshes
Digital twin for industry 4.0 created in ARSKAN SiloData, solution of compression, visualization and exploitation of massive 3D data on the web

Our mission: visualize the 3D

Current techniques are slow, expensive and not collaborative. Our mission is to provide you freedom of work. Focus on what is important, let ARSKAN do the rest!

We want to revolutionize the use of massive 3D and change the way you work. With ARSKAN, you visualize very large models and process all types of 3D data in real time. We compress your 3D objects, reducing calculation, storage and bandwidth costs, while generating unparalleled levels of detail. Our technology is for everyone and can be used everywhere: from any device, even the smallest smartphone.

Faster, lighter, from your phone: we push back the frontiers!

Our partners

ARSKAN's values

Our company has core values. They are important to us:

Boldness - ARSKAN is nurturing on technology, anticipation, creativity, and also courage, the quest to progress. Innovation is the combining of passion and audacity.

Passion - ARSKAN’s teams have the formidable ability to constantly push back the limits, to question certainties... They have the will to design new solutions.

Excellence - This quest for excellence is a way of being and a permanent search for perfection that gives ARSKAN the desire to surpass itself to offer the best to its users, customers, partners and shareholders.

Commitment - First and foremost, ARSKAN is a beautiful human adventure which strength is rooted in a real desire for cooperation, mutual inspiration and involvement.

Probity - ARSKAN wants to be consistent between its words and its actions while remaining consistent with virtue, morality and a recognized convention.