Arskan's solutions for the compression, the visualization and the exploitation of massive 3D data on the web

Research and development are part of our DNA!

Our doctors and engineers are daily mobilized to pursue the challenges of 3D exploitation in mobility. R&D is integrated at the heart of our activity to carry on disrupting the use of 3D.

Our areas of research:
Visualization of 3D in mobility. ARSKAN’s dream is to make the use, the processing, the storage and the visualization of large 3D data accessible to everyone. Continuing R&D work on these different bricks we offer improves their efficiency, which represents a powerful lever for competitive differentiation.

Artificial intelligence for 3D. Bringing artificial intelligence allows 3D data interpretation, helps to deduce information or quality.

Application for 3D printing. When sharing and collaborating on massive 3D files, the level of details constitute constraints. However, not all of these levels of detail are useful when printing. The objective is to provide the market players with a solution that allows to reduce the size of the files, while ensuring their quality.

Automated creation of manifold meshes from point clouds. The segmentation of the point cloud allows the development of intelligent functionalities. This topic is developed as part of the CAJuN project.

The INSA laboratory supports us in R&D on ambitious projects. One of them is related to pattern recognition (automatic search of repetitive patterns).
This project started on January 22, 2020 and is led by Thomas Richard, Research Engineer at INSA.

Our partners in R&D

Digital twin of a public building, resulting from a 3D scan, managed on Arskan SiloData

ARSKAN is currently working with the INSA and Lyon Parc Auto on the CAJuN project