3D models compression has been an active research topic since the mid- 1990s. In 2005, pioneering work emerged, but it wasn’t until 2015 that a research team from Lyon invented a revolutionary process, which was granted to ARSKAN at the end of 2017.

ARSKAN was founded by Jean-Gabriel Grive in December 2016 on the grounds of a technology developed at the INSA (National institute of applied sciences of Lyon).

October 2017 was marked with the signature of an operating license between Pulsalys (SATT), the innovation accelerator, and ARSKAN. The SATT are in charge of detecting inventions from public research laboratories, and they accompany them until they are transferred to companies that will valorize them.
This operating license concerns the integration of the technology, developed by the M2DisCo (Geometry Processing and Constrained Optimization) team of the INSA laboratory, into the ARSKAN platform.

This technology involves two innovative and revolutionary processes, covered by two patents, the first one about a geometric compression algorithm, and the second one covering a process for transmission of a 3D object between two terminals. In other words, large 3D files compression and their progressive transfer on the web.

The co-development program with Pulsalys started with the recruitment of an engineer (September 2017), who integrates ARSKAN to adapt the technology technically.
Guillaume Lavoue and Florent Dupont, researchers at INSA and inventors of the technology, are also members of the scientific board of our start-up.

ARSKAN patents

In existing remote 3D visualization systems, 3D data are usually fully transmitted to the customer’s terminal. This leads to significant latency problems due to a long download time of the 3D data. Another problem concerns the management of heterogeneous networks and the management of heterogeneous visualization terminals - from high performance workstations to simple smartphones.

To meet the above mentioned problems, ARSKAN developed two innovative processes:
• A revolutionary and unequaled 3D compression algorithm.
• A process for transmitting data of a 3D object between 2 terminals.

Our technologies are from academic institutions, represented by INSA-Lyon. They are granted to ARSKAN via an exclusive worldwide license.

Our innovations are protected by patents in Europe, United Kingdom, United States and Japan. This area cover 70 to 80% of territories using 3D. 3D digitization and digital twin markets are growing in the US, followed closely by Europe, UK and Asia-Pacific region.

Example of a coding format for a three-dimensional object compression
3D meshe progressive decompression with Arskan Codec technology
Method for transmitting 3D data between two terminals
Arskan Codec technology method for transmitting 3D data between two terminals