Arskan's solutions for the compression, the visualization and the exploitation of massive 3D data on the web

Compress and progressively decompress your 3D meshes

with ARSKAN Codec

ARSKAN Codec is a new generation technology that allows to:

  • • reduce the size of 3D files without loss,
  • • reproduce them at any level of detail,
  • • adjust to any material constraints.

ARSKAN Codec makes 3D access easy!

Expand your 3D objects massively with minimal server load and low bandwidth consumption.

Reduce the size of your 3D files!

Your files are compressed and progressively decompressed, which highly reduces their size.

3D meshes compression and progressive decompression with Arskan Codec technology
3D meshe progressive decompression with Arskan Codec technology

Decompress your 3D files at any level of detail

No matter the size or the complexity of your 3D data, the digital restitution will be without loss.

Adapt your 3D files to any hardware constraints

Your massive data are accessible from any device: pc, tablet or smartphone. If you combine ARSKAN Codec with ARSKAN MoveInside, your 3D files can be seen on a smartphone.

Visualization of 3D digital twin of a building on tablet or smartphone in Arskan MoveInside 3D viewer

Why does ARSKAN Codec use 3D mesh rather than point clouds?

A mesh is intrinsically structured. It’s this structure made of triangles and points that allows our algorithms to simplify the mesh, removing certain points at key locations, while being able to recreate them at the exact same location during decompression.
Our technology not only compresses files by modifying the organization of the data (such as .ZIP for example), but also 3D meshing, taking advantage of this topology. This method gives our codec its progressiveness and high performance.